Losing My Edge

January 24, 2009 at 11:05 pm (Uncategorized)

From 1983 to 1987,  I worked at CFMU-FM, 93.3 McMaster Radio. I started on a show called Three Guys Sitting Around Talking about Records (or was it Music) and then worked (wormed?) my way into my own show. 

For two hours a week (and any fill-ins I could manage), I got to play and comment on music I really liked, and felt everyone should listen to. Yes, I was a snob. I didn’t like the top 40 stuff, so friends of mine would call up and request Duran Duran. It’s more than likely true that anyone who thinks they’re cool, probably isn’t, but still you can have pretensions. It was one of the favourite times in my life. 

In my late 20s, I worked for Concert Productions International in Toronto for two years. It’s a bit differnt from college radio, and you really do see what peopel mean by the music business. Got to see a lot of free shows though. I think my favourite “rock industry weasel” experience was going to Lee’s Palace, not being on the guest list, but being remembered by the door person and let in anyway. BTW, remember when you went to see a show, and there were some jerks sitting near you talking all the way through the show? Rememeber when you wondered why they didn’t seem interested? They didn’t pay to get in.

Glory days, long gone. So a couple of years ago, I couldn’t help but smile when I came across James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem’s ode to the fallen hipster. Then recently, I discovered someone from Wikipedia had transcribed all of the bands mentioned on the song: How many do you have?

 Can, Suicide, Captain Beefheart, Daft Punk, Larry Levan, Beach Boys, Modern Lovers, Niagara, Detroit Techno, Yaz, This Heat, Pere Ubu, Outsiders, Nation of Ulysses, Mars, Trojans, Black Dice,  Todd Terry, The Germs,  Section 25, Althea & Donna, Sexual Harassment, a-ha, Dorothy Ashby, PIL, The Fania All-Stars, The Bar-Kays, The Human League,  The Normal, Lou Reed, Scott Walker, Monks, Joy Division, Lower 48, The Association, Manuel Göttsching, Rammelzee, Sun Ra, Scientists, Royal Trux, 10cc, Eric B. and Rakim, Index, Basic Channel, Soulsonic Force, Juan Atkins, David Axelrod, Electric Prunes, Gil Scott Heron,The Slits, Faust, Mantronix, Pharoah Sanders, the Fire Engines, Swans, Soft Cell, The Sonics

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