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December 24, 2008 at 7:18 pm (Uncategorized)

 No, not that sort of comic. What people now call graphic novels.

I read the superhero stuff when I was a kid (Marvel, not DC), and then my interest waned. I started to read again in the late 1980s when the so-called new breed of authors appeared. I missed the initial run of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, but caught Gaiman’s Sandman and Jamie Delano’s Hellblazer  just at the right moment.

Now, I read a mix of things, but here are a few hits.  

 1.  Dark Horse

The number three publisher behind Marvel and DC. For a long time Dark Horse made its living with adaptations like Aliens. Now, they publish a respectable run of their own. Hellboy, the Umbrella Academy (see below)and several titles are all required reading. Check out their on-line series Dark horse Presents.  


A blog about comics. I don’t always agree, but it’s nice to get the perspective. Years ago, my wife went to a local comic shop to get a book signed for me, and reported she was the only woman in the store. It’s changed, but not enough.  

3. Ed Brubaker

The man who killed Captain America! Seriously though, if you like film noir at all, you really ought to check out the Criminal series published by Icon. Very cool.

4. 1,000,000 Comix

My favourite local store. Toronto really is spoilt. The Beguiling is another great store, but they really need to sort their stock. It’s very difficult to find stuff. 1,000,000 have a good stock and friend;y knowledgeable staff.

5.  The World of Steve Ditko by Blake Bell, published by Fantagraphics Books. Yes, the people who brought you Love and Rockets, Eightball, Hate and many other great titles, have put out this lovely biography of Steve Ditko packed with cartoons. Steve Ditko? Shame on you. Ditko drew and or created many amazing titles: Spider-Man, Shade the Changing Man, the Question, Doctor Strange,  and untold numbers of stories for Strange tales and other horror titles. A marvellous biography detailing how Dikto was screwed by the comics industry (everyone is rightfully upset about the way Jack Kirby was treated, but he wasn’t he only one), and how Dikto’s adherence to Ayn Rand’s wacky philosopyundercut him too. Lots of rare and beautiful pictures from an vastly under-appreciated talent.

6. Buffy season 8 / Angel Season 6

My two favourite TV shows now in comic book form. Joss Whedon is writing one, and overseeing the other. Both great, both essential. I miss Joss on TV and can’t wait for Dollhouse.

7. The Invisibles.

Grant Morrison is terrifying. The Invisibles, reportedly the book the Matrix is stolen from, is alternately brilliant, maddeningly confusing or both at the same time.  Throwin some conspiracy theory, cultural anthropology, time-travel, creative sexuality and you don’t even come close to how good this is. All packaged as trade paperbacks by Vertigo comics. And yeah, I treasure my signed copy of Arkham Asylum.

8. Alan Moore.

When I was watching TV last night, we saw an ad for the film version of Will Eisner’s The Spirit. “Are there any comic that haven’t been made into movies?” asked my wife. She didn’t know about Watchmen. Like many, I feel deeply apprehensive about the upcoming movie version.  I loved, yeah loved, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Swamp Thing. V for Vendetta. Tom Strong. Top Ten, From Hell and all the rest. Brilliant as comics, but as movies. The League of Extraordinary… I can’t finish the sentence. Awful. Watchmen for many, is THE graphic novel. Read it before the film comes out.

9. Umbrella Academy.

I confess, I’ve never heard of My Chemical Romance. OK, I’ve heard of them, but never heard one of their songs. Gerard Way though, is a pretty good writer. Surreal like some of Morrison’s work.  (think Doom Patrol). Published by Dark Horse.

10.  Pigeons From Hell

A little series from Dark Horse published earlier this year. It’s an adaptation of a Robert E. Howard story. Howard is of course best known for Conan. but this is pretty creepy. Louisiana Gothic.


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