Canadian Follies (II)

December 6, 2008 at 5:54 pm (Uncategorized)

And this week in Canada, the population learnt a new word: prorogue. Now anything  ending in rogue is either interesting or terrifying depending on your perspective, and this had a bit of both.

Last week, the Conservatives chicken-baiting of the opposition backfired, when the opposition displayed it had a stronger grasp of math. The minority Conservatives have 143 seats, and the combined opposition (Liberal, New Democratic Party, Bloc Quebecois) have total of 163). After PM Stephen Harper threatened, in what seems to have been an act of pure spite, to cut the $1.95 per vote gained political subsidy, the opposition banded together to vote no confidence against Harper.

A day of furious backpedalling did no good (I wonder whose head will roll), and a no-confidence vote was called for this week. Harper did the only thing he could. He decided it was his ball, and he was taking it home with him. He went to the Governor-General and begged for more time. This was granted and parliament will sit idle until the end of January. Harper has six weeks to persuade the coalition to change its mind and/or wait for it to splinter. (the most likely result).

One of my favourite election slogans is “Don’t vote, it will only encourage them.”  And few people will want to encourage the disfunctional family that passes for Canadian bourgois demcracy. Harper acts like a surly child, and the other parties … well. Stefan Dion’s video rebuttal was more like a Youtube video shot on a camera phone that serious account by the leader of a major political party. 

All of this aside. The real winners are the TV pundits and comedians: Plenty of material here.  The losers. A lot more people. What is at stake is who will administer a crisis package; who will administer cuts and pain to the working class more effectively. Harper’s record is known. As is the Liberals and the NDP.  All kidding aside, the most succinct description is thieves fall out.


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