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September 14, 2008 at 5:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve just finished reading Monkey Girl by Edward Sherman, an account of the Dover PA school board battle over attempts to introduce “Intelligent design” into the Grade 10 Science curriculum.

So here are a few quick science links. (and all of these links have many more on their pages)

 PZ Myers – Self-described purpose of the blog as “Evolution, development and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal.”

The Panda’s Thumb – Named after the essay/collection of essays by the late Stephen Jay Gould.

Richard Dawkins – Darwin’s Rottweiler so called.

Radical Anthropology – Download a copy of their new journal.

And have a look at Answers in Genesis for the other side. I admire the fact that they don’t shy away the the clearly loopy stuff in the biblical account of creation, but instead try to bend it into their theory. Have a look at the section where they explain which arguments you shouldn’t use against evolution.

The larger question of the objectivity of science will be explored in a future issue of Internationalist Perspective (late this fall. I’ll post the article when it appears).

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